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Daniel E. "Dan" Peters
Daniel E. "Dan" Peters

(born 1968) – Mr. Peters, a native of Mesquite, Texas, graduated from North Mesquite High
School and then served in the United States Army. After fulfilling his obligation he returned to Dallas, Texas and pursued private sector employment. In 1990 he became associated with Wellington Ashford Capital Corporation, a private broker/dealer engaged in fund raising for independent oil and gas drilling programs and prospects with offices in Texas, California, and Colorado. In the years he spent with Wellington, Mr. Peters gained extensive knowledge and understanding of marketing, leasing and developing oil and gas prospects.

From 1995 to 2003, Mr. Peters was a principal with several private firms engaged in originating and marketing oil and gas drilling programs, prospects and producing properties, primarily in Texas. Over the course of this time Mr. Peters broadened his knowledge of field operations, lease acquisitions, drilling and completion procedures, and oil /gas marketing.

In 2003 Mr. Peters liquidated all of his accumulated oil interest and became Sr. Vice President of Operations at Reichmann Petroleum, where his duties included management and oversight of all operational matters including leasing, drilling, completions, production, negotiating marketing contracts and providing operational updates various stakeholders. Mr. Peters continued with Reichmann Petroleum until November 2006 when he resigned to pursue personal goals and focus his attention on generating his own prospects.

In late 2006, Mr. Peters formed TAE Properties, Inc. and began leasing in the Permian Basin in west Texas. TAE Properties was formed with the express intention of focusing on underdeveloped fields where oil reserves were proven but were under-exploited due to historical technological limitations.

From 2006 to 2011 TAE Properties accumulated in excess of 15,000 acres in Scurry and Fisher Counties, Texas. The work and leases compiled by TAE Properties has provided the geological and engineering basis for several small and medium sized independent operators who drilled in excess of 35 successful wells and are continuing to drill on the original acreage position secured by TAE Properties.

In Early April of 2011 Mr. Peters purchased FusionXP, Inc. a small operator in Texas and has successfully operated the assets of this company to date.

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