Prickly Pear Energy Oil and Gas Exploration in Dallas, Texas.

Learn the right way to invest in oil and gas from industry leaders with decades of experience. Watch this video to understand the science behind what makes us successful.

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A Look At the Una De Gato Oil Well

Prickly Pear Energy is an Oil and Gas Exploration Company

Prickly Pear Energy is an oil and gas exploration company that leases, drills, and operates historically under-developed oil and gas assets; located in Dallas, Texas. Specifically, Prickly Pear Energy generates oil and gas projects targeting areas known to possess producible reserves that are undergoing little, if any, current drilling activity.

Unique Tax Deductions

Investing in oil and gas with Prickly Pear Energy offers unique tax deductions not available with any other type of investment. These tax deductions reduce the overall cost of participation.

Residual Income

Oil and gas participation could generate substantial residual income for you and your family for decades. That is because many our wells have been known to produce for as long as 20 years.

Experienced Team

The team at Prickly Pear Energy has over half a century of combined experience that we put to work every single day to continue to bring success to private and institutional investors in the oil and gas industry.

Track Record Of Success

Our team has been involved in the drilling of dozens of wells over the years. This gives them the ability to recognize lucrative opportunities, and most importantly capitalize on them in a way that is a win win for both the company and its partners.

Cutting Edge Technology

Prickly Pear Energy use the latest cutting edge science and technology to dramatically decrease your risk, and give us the best chance of being successful drilling oil and gas wells. Learn more about the technology we use on our oil and gas projects.

Mitigated Risk

The risk normally associated with drilling oil and gas wells is greatly reduced through the use of advance 2D and 3D seismic technology. We spends thousands of dollars up front on these advanced technologies to insure that the projects we chose are viable.