About Prickly Pear Energy

Prickly Pear Energy is an oil and gas exploitation company that leases, drills, and operates historically under-developed oil and gas assets. Specifically, Prickly Pear Energy generates oil and gas projects targeting areas known to possess producible reserves that are undergoing little current drilling activity, if any.


TEXAS: The principles of PPE have largely focused their oil and gas careers in Texas; therefore, PPE is focused in the Lone Star State.


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Typical Returns

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Prickly Pear Energy seeks out overlooked, under-exploited areas that provide fertile ground for a company seeking a sizable redevelopment project with the potential to generate attractive financial returns in today’s oil and gas environment.

Better Financial Returns, Lower Risk Profile

Simply stated, Prickly Pear ’s strategy allows the company to lease larger acreage blocks at lower cost, while minimizing the royalty burden on the target acreage, thereby maximizing financial returns from any resulting oil and gas production.

In addition to the financial benefits, the Prickly Pear Energy strategy allows the company to remove a critical risk inherent in the oil and gas business – the risk of FINDING oil and gas. Prickly Pear Energy operates exclusively in areas where we know.

  • Oil Production
  • Financial Returns
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Hydro Carbons Present

The Prickly Pear Energy team has over half a century of oil and gas industry experience.

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